Using Groups on Your Site

You can use groups to automatically enrol users into collections, and to easily find and select users to perform a Bulk Action.

This can be useful to reduce the amount of administration time needed on your site, as you can edit users in batches, and remove the need to manually enroll users into collections.

To use groups on your site, you first need to create your groups. You can learn how to create and edit groups here. 

Learn how to use groups to:

Using Groups to Automatically Enrol Users in Collections

Once you have created your Groups, you can associate your group with a collection (or multiple collections). This will mean that any users added to the group will be automatically enrolled into the associated collection/s. 

To access your collections, select Collections from the list on the left hand side in your Settings page. You can create a new collection by clicking Create Collection in the top right, or edit an existing collection by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the collection.

collections through settings-1

To associate a group with a collection, update the Groups section in the collection editor.

groups in collection settings Select the group/s you would like to be automatically enrolled in this collection. Once you have added your groups to a collection, make sure you click Publish Changes to ensure your changes are saved.

You can learn more about editing a collection here

Note: If you add multiple groups to a collection, a user will need to be a member of all of the groups to be enrolled e.g. if you add Content Loaders and Testing Group, the user will need to be in both the Content Loaders and Testing Group to be automatically enrolled in this collection.

Using Groups to Edit User Profiles in Bulk

If you have set up a group and added users to it, you can use then perform Bulk Action tasks on everyone in the group in one process. On the User page, search for and then click on the group name.

search for group

Click the tick box in the top left to select all of the users in your group, or use the tick boxes next to each name to select/deselect the users. You will see the number of users selected in the top right.

use group

Once you are happy with the selection of users, click Bulk Actions to see a list of ways you can edit user profiles.

group bulk action

You can find out more about each action here:


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