How to delete a user or make a user inactive

In some circumstances you may want to delete or remove a user from your site so they can no longer access your courses.

Deleting a User will delete all of their completion data, so they will no longer appear in your reports. This is a permanent action so we recommend making users inactive on your site instead. 

Deleting a User

To delete a user, find them on the Users page and click the pencil icon to the right hand side.

pencil icon user page

Click Delete.

delete user

You'll then see the following confirmation popup. Type CONFIRM in the box and click Delete User to confirm the deletion.

confirm deletion

Note: Deleting a User is permanent and will delete all completion data from the system. A user can be added to the system again however their completion data will be lost so please do not delete users unless you are sure.

Deleting a site Admin or Editor

To delete a User that is an Admin or Editor of the site, you will first need to remove the Admin or Editor permissions on the permissions page in your sire settings. You can learn how to add or remove Admin and Editors here.

Making Users Inactive

Making a user inactive prevents them from accessing any of your courses or content, but keeps their completion data in your reporting and enables you to re-activate their account if needed in the future.

To make a user Inactive, find them in on the Users page and tick the box next to their name. You can select multiple users at a time. Then click Bulk Actions, and Make # User Inactive.

make users inactvive

You'll see the following popup, click Update to make the selected users Inactive.

Make inactive

You can view your Inactive users by clicking Show Inactive next to the search bar.

Show inactive


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