How can I share an Intuto course?

There are many different ways you can share courses with your users inside Intuto. Below are brief descriptions of the different options and links to detailed explanations for each.

Bulk Actions on the Users page

From the Users page, you can enrol users into your courses using Bulk Actions. Learn about bulk actions here.

Collections and Groups

Collections allow for courses to be combined into a learning pathway. If a Group has been associated with a Collection, any user added to that Group will automatically be enrolled into the associated Collection.

Learn how to set up a collection here.

Learn more about Groups here.

Sending out Links

When you set up a course or collection inside Intuto you have the ability to generate a link that will automatically give users access to the course or collection. This link can be copied and sent out to your users in an email, placed on your website or provided to your users via your regular contact methods. The link creates an easy way to share your content. 

There are two types of links: self-registration and public links. 

Self-registration links can be used for both courses and collections. Public links can only be used for courses.

Self-registration links require the user to fill in their first name, last name, email address, country and pick a password to use. This allows you to track and report on them through Intuto.

Public links do not require the user to register or sign in to Intuto. It's a great way to show off sample content or for customer FAQ courses. You will not be able to track and report on these users through Intuto.

Generating a link for your course

Generating a link for your collection

Bulk Upload

Doing a bulk upload of your users can be a great way to get started and ensure all of your users are in Intuto. When you bulk upload you can assign groups, courses and collections to the uploaded users.  Learn how to do a bulk upload.


Intuto has an open API available for you to use on our Service Plus plan. An API can help two systems talk to each other, so if you add a user to a separate internal system such as payroll it would be able to automatically send Intuto the details to create an account / enrolment for them. Intuto can also pass back reporting data to that same internal system.

Get in touch with one of our team on to discuss APIs further. As a starting point you can also see our API documentation here.

Share Page

We have moved the share page out of the course publishing process to make that process simpler.  We believe that the above sharing options are much easier to use than the old share page, however if you still want to use the old share page you can get to it by following these instructions

Need Help?

If you need help deciding on the best way to share your content, get in touch with one of our team at or talk to your account manager.