Creating Groups

Users can be allocated into groups in order to organise who gets sent specific courses and for reporting purposes.

To access user groups click on the cog on the top right then on 'Settings', then click 'Groups' on the left shown below.  



Click on 'Create Group' on the top right, choose a name for your group and assign a colour to it. (You don't have to choose a colour; it is easier to see the group you're looking for from the reports and users page if there is a colour associated.)

Use bulk Actions to add or remove users to/from groups on the users page as shown below.


You can also remove people from Groups using the Bulk Actions as well


To search for specific Groups, go to the 'Users' page and search by group by typing in the group name in the 'Search bar', it will show below and you can click it to search for users in that group.

You can then send notifications, enrol users into a course or course collection, reset passwords, delete users or make users inactive using the 'Bulk Actions' button.

(Note: you cannot delete 'contributors' or make them inactive before revoking their permissions back to a participant. You also cannot use 'Bulk Actions' on owners.)

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