The Content Page

Moving Collections to the Content page to reflect how our customers use them.

After originally putting the Collections feature under Settings, we discovered almost all of our customers use them on a regular basis. So, to make the system more intuitive and easier to use we redeveloped our Content page to include a Collections view for Admins, Editors and Participants.

The Content page update brought a lot of changes to make it easier for Intuto users to find and access their courses and collections. Continue reading to find out more information about the following:

Sorting your Courses and Collections

View by Collection

View by Course

View by Starred

Creating New...

Content Page Settings

new content page

Sorting your Courses and Collections

Next to the search bar you will see two drop down buttons.

The button on the left, currently showing Recent First, will change the order of your courses or collections. You can pick from A-Z, Recent First, Status or Z-A.

The button on the right, currently showing Compact View, will change the size of the courses in the list. Compact view shows more courses on a page, for Admins and Editors this will mean your course options are now in a drop down behind the three dots on the right of the course. Expanded view is similar to the view on the old Content page, with the course options displayed as buttons next to the courses.different views

Underneath the search bar you will see a few options - these will change how you view the courses. 

Collections - View your courses grouped by Collection

Courses - View your courses in one list

Starred - View your starred courses.

You may also see other options here for Invites, Enrollable Courses and Campaigns if applicable to you.

different groups

View by Collection

When you are viewing your Content page by Collection, you will see a list of your Collection names on the left hand side of the screen. These will be displayed based on your selections in the dropdown buttons next to the search bar. The Collection at the top of the list will be expanded by default and you can expand or minimise your collections using the black arrow to the left of the Collection name. You can also expand all of your collections by clicking Expand All.

expand minimise

While in this view Admins will be able to see the group (if any) associated with the collection as they will be displayed to the right of the course name. Admins will also see a yellow icon if there is a certificate available on the collection.

You can also Edit, Share and Report on a collection from the content page. Click the three dots to the right of the collection name to access these options.

collection options-1

Learn more about collections here.

View by Course

When you are viewing your Content page by Course, you will see a list of all the courses available to you. These will be displayed based on your selections in the dropdown buttons next to the search bar. You will also see how many courses are displayed out of the total number of courses available to you, scroll down the page to load more of your available courses.course view-1

While in the expanded view Admins will have access to View, Report, Share and Edit the courses, with all other options hidden behind the three dots to the right of the course name. In the compact view, all options will be hidden behind the three dots.

course options

Learn more about courses here.

View by Starred

Participants can "star" courses that they view frequently to make them easier to find. To star a course, click the star outline to the right hand the course name, the star will turn yellow. 

star These courses will then appear in the Starred view on the content page. You can star a course from both the collection and the course view of the content page.

starred view
To remove a course from the Starred list, simply click the star again and it will turn back into an outline and be removed from the list.

Creating New... 

In the top right of the screen you will see an orange Create New... button. Clicking this button will bring up the following creation options:

create new...

  • New course - Click here to create a new course. Learn more about creating a new course here. 
  • Use a template - Click here to access our template library. Learn more about using templates here.
  • Upload SCORM - Click here to upload a SCORM file. You will only see this option if SCORM is available on your plan) Learn more about using SCORM here.
  • New Collection - Click here to create a new collection. Learn more about collections here.

course options-1

Content Page Settings

As an Admin, you can choose which view of the content page you want to be the default view for your users. To change this setting, go to Settings and click Site & Branding.
You can then choose between either Course View or Collection View by selecting from the dropdown box.

default content page

Contact for further help with the new Content page.