What are course collections?

Course collections is a feature that allows for easy management of courses and enrolments.

Specifically, the course collections feature provides pathways of learning, meaning you can control the order in which users complete content without having to enrol them one by one.

Owners and contributors can access collections via clicking on the 'cog' on the top right and clicking 'Settings', then 'Collections' on the left.


Users will be able to select collections from a drop-down menu on the content page.


Inside a course collection, you can:

  • Associate User Groups with a collection (this will automatically enrol all users in that group into the collection)
  • Force the courses in a collection to be completed in a defined order
  • Automatically enrol users into a 'follow-on collection' once they complete the current collection

You can also add a certificate to a collection so that once the user completes the assigned courses they will be awarded a certificate. To find out more about certificates, click here.

Contact us at support@intuto.com for help with Course Collections or to book a training demonstration.