Owners, Contributors and Participants

This article describes the different levels of access that a user can have on any Intuto site.

Intuto has four levels of access. You can learn about what each role does in relation to your site, including upgrading a user's permission to this role, by clicking on the role below or scrolling down the page.

 The different levels of access inside Intuto are:


Owners have access to their whole Intuto site including but not limited to the ability to manage and control the subscription, updating any of the site settings, viewing, editing and reporting on all content and managing all users within their site.

Learn how to add a new Owner to your site.

Contributor related to the 'site'

Contributors related to the site can create, edit and report on all content, can manage all users within the site and update site settings. They do not have access to the subscriptions or permission to update the subscription without consent from the owner of the site.

Learn how to add a new Contributor to your site.

Contributor related to a 'course'

Contributors to a course can edit, share and report on the courses they have been made a contributor for.  They can create additional courses from scratch. They do not have access to the Dashboard, Users, Reports or Site Settings in the site. 

Learn how to add a Contributor to your course(s).


Participants have access to the content that has been made available to them by either manual enrolment or allowing them to self-register into the particular content through a link or from their Content page. If the course lets participants make comments then the user will be able to make comments and see other participants comments. They will only be able to edit and delete their own comments.

Learn how to add a user to your site.


Contact support@intuto.com for more information.