Why can't I delete a quiz attempt or edit completed enrollments?

There are some instances where you cannot reset page views and quiz attempts inside the user report.

In most cases, it is possible to reset a user's quiz attempts and course progress. 


However, if a new version of the course has been published after the user failed the quiz or completed the course, attempts cannot be reset without first moving the user to the new version.  In this case a message will show explaining why the enrollment can't be reset.

This is what will be seen if the enrollment is in Failed status.


This is what will be seen if the enrollment is in Completed status.

In both cases, the enrollment is locked down and either the user will need to login, access the course and enrol themselves into the new version or editors can re-register them using these steps

Note that in both cases all progress will be reset for the enrollment and the whole course will need to be redone.


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