Can just one individual be moved to a new version of a course?

Sometimes only one user needs to be enrolled into a new version of a course.

When a new version of a course is published, all users still registered or in progress will automatically get moved to the new version.  At the time of publish there is an option to Require users to redo the course, which will move all users to the new version, and reset all their progress - see full details of these options.

If the Require users to redo the course option is not selected, users who have completed the course will not be moved to the new version. 

It is however possible to move individuals via the the user report.  

When viewing the detailed progress of a specific course enrolment, if the enrolment is either completed or failed you can click on Register into new Version.  This will clear all progress data and enroll the user into the newer version of the course.  

This button will not appear if the user is registered or in progress as all registered or in progress users will automatically be enrolled into the new version at the time the course was published.

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