What is SCORM?

SCORM is a set of standards used to create content that can be easily shared across platforms. SCORM courses are created using an external authoring tool and then loaded into an LMS to be shared with users.

If you already have SCORM courses, or are considering using SCORM in the future you can find out more about how SCORM works with Intuto through the following:

What is SCORM?

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is a set of technical standards for eLearning software products. The SCORM standard ensures developers can create e-learning content that will work well on any Learning Management System with SCORM capabilities.

SCORM courses need to be built externally from Intuto and can be created in a number of content authoring tools, such as Articulate and iSpring.

There are multiple versions of SCORM available and your authoring tool will usually allow you to select which version to use, Intuto supports SCORM 1.2. For more information on the SCORM calls that Intuto supports, click here.

When the course is completed on your chosen authoring tool, you will have a .zip file containing all of the resources and necessary system details. The .zip file can then be loaded into Intuto. 

How do I use SCORM on Intuto?

If you have a SCORM course you want to load into Intuto, please email us at support@intuto.com to make sure SCORM is enabled on your site. 

When SCORM is enabled, you will be able to load the .zip file of your course into Intuto. For information about how to load SCORM courses into Intuto, click here.

Once your SCORM course is loaded on Intuto you will be able to share the course with your users. Learn how to share your courses here.

After you have shared your course with your users, you can track their progress through the reporting feature. Learn more about reporting on SCORM courses here. 


Contact support@intuto.com for further information or help with SCORM courses.