How to make certificates

Certificates can be added to collections to acknowledge achievement.

Certificates can be added to Collections (group of courses) and issued either automatically when a user completes a collection, or manually when an administrator releases the certificate after a user has completed a collection (useful when a program has both an online and practical component).

To make a certificate, click on the cog on the top right of the page and click on 'Settings'.


Click on Collections from the left-hand side menu to go to the Collections page.


Hover your mouse over the collection you want to add a certificate to or create a new collection by clicking on 'Create Collection'. Click the pencil icon that will appear on the right side of the collection, then click 'Edit'.


In the Collection editor, click ' Add Certificate'. The Certificate will share the same name as the collection originally but you can alter this in the certificate editor.



In the certificate editor you can edit the images and text fields in white. The text fields in grey are automatically generated and cannot be changed. To find out more about each field please CLICK HERE.


In Additional Settings you can specify if the certificate is to be manually-issued, meaning that users who complete the collection will sit in a 'Pending Approval' status until an admin releases their certificate from the collection or user report.

There is also an option to send out an email when a user completes the certificate and attach a PDF.  Note: You can only attach the PDF if you tick the box to send out an email on completion.


'Update Draft' on the top right of the page to save the certificate. This will take you back to your collection editor to continue editing your collection. 

Note: users who have previously completed the collection will not be awarded the certificate you just created.

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