How do I confirm users are completing their courses themselves (and not cheating)?

We can never say that a course is "Cheat" proof as someone could be sitting with them and telling them the answers or they may have heard them from someone else.

We have a setting where you can select what pages in the course are required for the user to view to pass the course.

In saying this it doesn't mean that we can force them to read and look at the content.

The Quizzes that you can create inside courses are a great way to check if people are paying attention, you can set your own pass mark on them and set the limit of attempts allowed before they Fail the course and need to contact someone to get it reset.

But again we cannot prevent cheating.

One thing that can work alongside a course is a manually released certificate, where you can assess the user separately to Intuto and then award them their certificate if they pass the practical assessment.

You can also track the users time online via Reporting so you can see if they are completing the course too quickly etc.


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