Creating quizzes

Quizzes are tracked questions inside your Intuto courses that can be used to test users' understanding and provide acknowledgement.

Quizzes are easy to create using the '+' at the bottom of a page.  Watch this video for a demonstration on how a quiz can quickly be created. 


You will be able to add more questions by clicking the + icon. 


Click the pencil icon on the top of the Quiz in order to Edit Settings, Reorder, Copy, Undo any changes or Delete the quiz entirely. You can also add feedback to quiz questions by clicking here


By clicking Edit Settings, you can show quiz results, show correct answers, set a pass mark and limit the number of attempts.  


By selecting show quiz results, users can view all quiz results including the questions they answered and whether such answers were correct or incorrect. 

By selecting show Correct Answer, users can view the correct answers for all questions answered incorrectly. 

By selecting Set pass mark, you can determine the number of questions a user must get correct to pass the quiz. If you set a pass mark on your quiz, your finish message will automatically update to include a 'Pass' and 'Fail' message.  The 'Pass' and 'Fail' messages be edited.  

By limiting the number of attempts, you can determine how many times users can retry answering their incorrect answers. By default, users will have unlimited attempts at the quiz.

You can also update the quiz 'Start' and 'Finish' messages.  Optionally you can include images inside the start, finish, question and answer options by clicking the image icon next to each option each one - learn how.

Add as many questions/answers to a quiz and as many quizzes to a course as you like.

By clicking on Show quiz results and Show Correct Answers, users will receive feedback at the bottom of the question and the colours represent which answers they got correct and incorrect. Green represents a user's correct quiz answer. Yellow represents a user's incorrect quiz answer. 



Adding quiz question feedback 

Intuto allows feedback to be added for correct and incorrect responses to quiz questions.  By default, the quiz will label feedback answers as 'correct' and 'incorrect'. 

To edit the feedback settings, click on the pencil icon on the right hand side of your chosen question.


Click on the Edit Feedback button for more settings. You can also delete the question from this menu. 


You can provide feedback for both correct and incorrect question answers. Click on the grey box and begin typing your chosen feedback message. You can also add images to feedback messages by clicking the picture icon. To save the question feedback and/or the image, click on the Save Feedback button. 


You will be able to view quiz results from users inside the Intuto reports. 

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