Collection Reports

As an Admin or an Editor, you can report on your collections to see the progress of your participants.

To track the progress of your users through the collection you have created you can:

1. Access a Collection Report

2. Read the Data

3. Export the Report

Accessing a Collection Report

A collection report can be accessed from the collection view on the Content page, from the Reports page, or from the Settings page.

From the collection view on the Content page, click the three dots to the right of the collection name. This will bring up a list of options, click Report.

report arrow

From the Reports page, click View Report on the Collection Report section and then Select a Collection from the dropdown box. 
collection report reports

select collection

From the Settings page, click Collections on the left hand side. This will bring up a list of all your collections, click the pencil icon on the right hand side of your collection list to bring up a list of options. Click Report to access your collection report.
collections settings

Reading a Collection Report


Participant Status
You will see a pie graph labelled Participant Status with different coloured segments. This pie graph is a visual representation of the data in your Participant Summary.

Participant Summary
The Participant Summary is a numerical breakdown of your participants and the status of their progress through the collection. From the Participant Summary you can send reminder emails by clicking on any status names highlighted in orange. This will bring up a Reminder Email pop up, choose who you would like to send the reminders to and click Send Reminders.


This shows the average time a participant has spent on your collection and the average % of completion out of all the participants who have started the collection.

User/Course data
Towards the bottom of the page you will see a table of data. You can choose to view either the data for the users in this collection, or the data for the courses in the collection by selecting from the drop down box.user or courses

In the Users view you can see the:

  • Participant's name
  • Email Address
  • Groups they are in
  • Progress Status
  • Date the Status was last updated
  • Number of courses the User has completed in the collection
  • Total number of courses in the collection

You can also search for a specific user and filter your results by Status and/or date. 

courses settings

In the Courses view you can see the:

  • Name of each course in the collection
  • Number of users registered in the course
  • Number of users who have completed the course
  • Average time spent on each course

You can also search for a specific course within the collection.

Exporting a Collection Report

You have two options for exporting a collection report, Export Report and Export Detailed Report. report buttons

Both options export to an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx file).

Export Report will give you a report showing the same data you can see in the users/courses section of the report. export report

Export Detailed Report will give you the data expanded to include a breakdown of the user progress through each course within the Collection.

detailed report

Note: Your exported report will reflect any search filters you have applied (name, status, date) so make sure these are correct. 


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