User Reports

The User Report will show you every course, collection and campaign a particular user is enrolled into, and their progress.

To track the progress one of your users you can:

1. Access a User Report

2. Read the Data

3. Export the Report

Accessing a User Report

You can access a User Report from the Reports page or directly from the Users page.

From the Reports page, click View User on Report on a User to be taken to the Users page. 

report on a user

From the Users page, find the user you want to report on in your list by using the search bar. Then click their name to be taken to their User Report. find user

Reading a User Report

On the User Report you will see a list of courses the user is enrolled in, the status of each course, when they were enrolled and when they last accessed the course (if at all).

View user report

You can filter the courses by Status by clicking the dropdown box and choosing from the list.


You can view by Courses, Collections or Campaigns by clicking the dropdown box and choosing from the list.


Viewing by Course

When viewing by Course, you can click on a course name to see more details of the progress through that course. This is where you can view or delete quiz attempts to allow the user to re-attempt the quiz if needed.

user course report

When viewing by Course you can also click Overview to see a basic version of the course progress. This can be expanded or minimized easily so is useful to quickly see how far through a course a user is.

user overview report-1

Viewing by Collection

When viewing by Collection, you can see the status of the user in each Collection they are enrolled in, when their status was last updated, and the total time spent on the collection so far. 

You can approve any Pending certificates from this page, learn more about Manual Release certificates here.

Click on the Collection name to see more details of the progress through that collection.

view user report by collection

You will see a list of the courses within that collection, and whether the status of each course (Registered, In Progress, Completed etc.).

collection user report

If you click on a Course name, it will take you to the User Course report as seen in the Viewing by Course section of this article.

Viewing by Campaign

When viewing by Campaign, you can see the test scores for the user and can reset the test if needed.

user camaign report

Exporting the data

You can click Export Detailed Report, or Export Report on any page to export the data on that page. The data will download as an Excel Spreadsheet (.xlsx file).

export from course view

Note: Your exported report will reflect any search filters you have applied (status, course/collection/campaign) so make sure these are correct. 


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