Adding users to your site

You can add users to your site through the Users page taking the below steps.

On your Users page just click 'Add User' on the top left of the screen.


You will need to enter their First Name, Last Name and Email Address. You do not need their Country or ID unless you want these specified. You can also add this User into a Group for reporting purposes and enrolments into collections. You can learn more about groups and collections here.


Leave "Generate random password"  for Intuto to set a random password up for the user or untick this setting to set up a password for them which they will use to log in with. If you untick this setting you will be able to untick the setting "Send welcome email", this means Intuto will not send out their login details and you will need to let the user know their password.

Tick the "Force password change on next login" if you would like your user to update their password when they login to Intuto for the first time.


When you are happy with your entered details and setting click "Create User", this will send the user a Welcome email (if not turned off) which will include their login details. An account will be created in the system and you will be able to find it on the Users page.

Please note adding a user to your site will not automatically enrol them into any courses unless they have been assigned to a group that is assigned to a collection while being added. You will have to manually enrol the user into the course(s) or collection(s) you want them to access by selecting them and going through the Bulk Actions option.


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