What style of questions can you create in Intuto?

This article covers the style of questions that are included in your Intuto subscription and how to include other question types in your courses.

In this article we will go over what types of questions you can ask your users inside Intuto and what the pros and cons for each are. We are going to cover this off in three sections:

These aren't the only options for question types that work with the Intuto platform but from experience these options meet the needs of most organisations. If you have other preferences, let us know and we'll help you evaluate them.

What is included with your Intuto subscription

When you create an Intuto course you have the ability to add a New Quiz. Our quizzes only support one style of question which is multiple choice with one correct answer.

While you might be concerned that this won't suffice for your desired learning outcomes, you can usually be a bit creative in how you load the question and answers to make it work for you. Some of your questions may need to be reworded to fit our style and if you are on our Service Plus plan our content loading team can help you with this.

Here Are Some Question Examples

Option 1: One answer is correct

Question: What colour is the sky?

❌A) Red

❌B) Green

✔️C) Blue


Option 2: Two or more answers are correct

Question: How can you get support from Intuto?

❌A) Phone call

❌B) Email

❌C) Book in a meeting online

✔️D) All of the above


Option 3: Two or more answers are correct

Question: Intuto quizzes allow you to ask what types of questions?

❌A) Multi-choice with one correct answer

❌B) Drag and Drops

❌C) Acknowledgements

✔️D) A&C


Option 4: Acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are a great way to record your users understanding and compliance with a workplace policy.

Question: I agree that I have read and understood all of the Health and Safety policies in this course.

✔️A) I agree

❌B) I would like further clarification


Note: We like to use the answer option 'I would like further clarification' as it feel like you are allowed to select this option and get help from your site administrator. Of course you can use any answer option you like in this type of question.

Adding in questions with H5P

H5P is a useful learning tool to help add interactivity to your courses for your users, engaging them with content in the form of drag and drops, image hotspots and more.

What is a learning tool?

As part of a platform like Intuto, learning tools, in this case H5P helps users understand the course content by engaging with them by using more than just images and text. Some interactions are designed to test a user's understanding and provide a grade or score as part of the interaction.  At the moment it is not possible to report on this grade within Intuto so we suggest using H5P in conjunction with an Intuto Quiz or ClassMarker Quiz.

Once H5P is fully integrated with Intuto, which we are working on,  you will be able to report on these statistics.

How can I use H5P?

If you are a Service Plus customer our content loading team can help you to create and edit interactions in your content to improve engagement with the learner. This is included in your monthly subscription. You'll need to work with our team to make any changes or add further interactions.

H5P works on a pay per user set up, so if you would like to have access to edit and change the content we create for you or you are a Foundation customer and would like to create your own content inside Intuto, talk to your account manager or contact support@intuto.com for our pricing and how to make this feature work for you.

Examples of H5P

These are just some of the interactions we commonly use when building courses to help make your content more engaging for users. There are many options that can be used in course development and our content team can help you decide what works well with your material. 

Great for hiding a lot of text behind a clickable title, used commonly in procedures and policy courses. Eg.

Click on each title below to learn more about our company policies.

Course Presentation
A great way to display a step by step procedure, used commonly in role specific training. Eg.

Click on the arrows to learn how to avoid burns.

Drag and Drop
A great way to test your users understanding, commonly used in all courses as a quick test. Eg.

Drag and drop the names of Canadian money at the bottom to the correct coin or note.

Image Hotspots
A useful way to embed detail in an image to make training more visual, this is a common tool used in training courses. Eg.

Click on the + icons to find out more about setting SMART goals.

Further questions styles being introduced with our ClassMarker integration

  • Please note: This feature needs to be enabled by Intuto support. Please contact support@intuto.com to have this set up for your site 

ClassMarker is a great way to ask other types of questions that can be automatically or manually graded. Manually graded questions such as essays require marking by an administrator.

As ClassMarker is a third party tool working within the Intuto platform it comes with an additional fee which depends on how your business/organisation is set up. You can learn more about their pricing on their website.

You have the following styles of questions available to use in ClassMarker:

  • Multiple choice - no limit on correct answers
  • True or False
  • Matching - also known as drag and drop
  • Free text - requires administrator marking
  • Grammar
  • Essay - requires administrator marking.


Contact us on support@intuto.com for help or more information.