What SCORM versions are supported by Intuto?

Intuto supports SCORM 1.2

The majority of authoring platforms allow you to select the version of SCORM you would like use to export your course. The current standard is SCORM 1.2 which Intuto supports.

Inside Intuto your SCORM course will sit on one Intuto 'page', allowing the SCORM package to manage the navigation itself. For this reason, Intuto currently supports a single SCO SCORM package - which is the default for most authoring tools.

To find out what calls we support click here.

Note: SCORM courses are only available on our Service Plus plan and by request, please contact your account manager or support@intuto.com to have it enabled on your site. 

If requested, we are happy for trial accounts to have SCORM courses enabled - please contact support@intuto.com for this option. 

Contact support@intuto.com for further information or help.