What happens to user progress when I make changes to a course?

Every time a course is re-published a new version is created. You can either force users to redo the course or allow them to continue on their current version, depending on the settings you choose when publishing.

If you have made critical changes to a course, such as updating H&S policies, you may want all users to do the new version even if they have previously completed the old version. If the changes you make are only minor, such as spelling or grammar, you may be happy leaving users in the old version.

Choosing your Settings

In the settings tab of your course editor you will see a list of tick boxes.

If you want to reset the progress for every user currently enrolled in this course, tick Require users to redo this course.

require users to redo

Ticking this box and publishing the course will mean everyone currently enrolled in the course needs to complete it again from the beginning, even if they had previously completed the course.  All of these users will receive an email advising of the new version to be completed.


If you decide to publish the changes to your course without ticking this box, what happens to user progress will depend on the status of their enrollment (registered, in progress, completed etc)

  • Registered users have been enrolled into the course but have not started it yet. These users will be moved to the new version automatically as they have no progress data to consider.
  • In Progress users have started the course but not yet completed it. These users will also be moved to the new version automatically and will keep their progress for any pages in the course that have not been edited. If you have edited a quiz in the course then publishing the changes will reset the attempts at that quiz unless the user has previously passed it.
  • Completed & Failed users will keep their current enrollment status but will have the option to see the new version of the course. Learn more about seeing a new version of a course here.

Users will only receive an email about a new version if Require users to redo this course has been ticked.

If you want to notify your users of potential updates to the system and what to expect, feel free to download the following document and add your organizations logo and contact details.

Updates to your courses


Contact support@intuto.com if you have any questions about this process.