What happens to user progress when I publish a new course?

This depends on the options chosen during publish and the status of users.

Every time a course is published a new version of the course is created.  When a course is published there are a number of options available. 

If the Require users to redo the course option is turned on, all user progress is reset and users are enrolled into the new version i.e. everyone will need to do the whole course again. to do this just tick the option pictured below when publishing.


When a course is published with Require users to redo the course turned off, users in different states (registered, in progress, completed, and failed) are treated differently.  

  • Registered users have not yet started the course and will be moved to the new version.  They have no progress or completion data to be moved.
  • In Progress users have started but not finished the course.  These users will be moved to the new version of the course automatically and they will keep their progress for any pages that haven't been edited.  Note: If you update a quiz in the course then this will reset the users attempts at that quiz unless users have previously passed it.
  • Completed & Failed users will keep their status (completed or failed) but will have the ability to click "SEE NEW VERSION" when they view the course the next time.  Find out more about the "SEE NEW VERSION" option.

You can contact support@intuto.com for more information.