Why is there no option to upload a SCORM package?

There are 2 reasons you may not be able to upload your SCORM package.

Your site doesn't have SCORM courses enabled

SCORM is a feature of our Service Plus plan, although you still need to request access to use this feature. You can request access through your account manager or by contacting support@intuto.com.

You can easily check whether your site has SCORM enabled by going to your Content page and selecting Create Content at the top right of the page.


In the pop up if you can change the Type of course to a SCORM Course then you have SCORM enabled on your site.


Learn how to create a SCORM course here.

You have selected an Intuto Course instead of a SCORM Course

If you have SCORM enabled on your site and have started creating your course but cannot find where to upload your file, chances are you have selected an Intuto Course instead of a SCORM Course.

If your course editor looks like the image below you have selected the option to create an Intuto Course.


Note: SCORM courses are only available on our Service Plus plan and by request, please contact your account manager or support@intuto.com to have it enabled on your site. 

If requested, we are happy for trial accounts to have SCORM courses enabled - please contact support@intuto.com for this option. 

Contact us on support@intuto.com for help or more information.