Managing Tokens

A token is a link (URL) that gives users access to your collections. You can manage your tokens from the Tokens page on your site.

Note: The full Tokens feature will need to be added to your Intuto site, please contact us at to start using Tokens.

The Token Manager

Click Tokens in the top right of your screen to access the Token Manager.

Access Tokens

Here you'll see a list of all the active tokens on your site. If you have any tokens that have expired, they will move to the expired tokens list, which can be accessed by clicking Show expired tokens at the top of the page.

show expired tokensYou'll then see a list of any expired tokens you have on your site. Click Show active tokens at the top of the page to go back to your list of active tokens.

show active tokensYou can search for a specific token using the search bar at the top of the page, and also change the order you view your tokens in by clicking the drop down box next to the search bar. 

search order tokens

To manage your tokens you can:

  1. Create a Token
  2. Edit a Token
  3. Share a Token

Creating a Token

If you do not have the full Tokens feature, you can create a simple token from within the collection editor. You can learn more about how to do this here.

If you have the full Tokens feature, you first need to publish the collection you want the token to provide users access to. You can learn more about creating collections here

Once a collection is published, go to your Token Manager page by clicking Tokens in the top right of your screen. 

Access Tokens

To create a token, click Create Token

Create token

You'll see the following pop up:

Create Token popup

Name: Choose a name for your token. This is a free text field so you can name it based on the collection, the intake, or whatever makes the most sense for your use case.

Token Type: Select either Single Token or Multi Token. You can read about the different token types here.

Usage Limit/No of Tokens: You can select how many times you want the token to be used (Single Token) or select the number of tokens to create (Multi Token).

Expires: Select a date for your tokens to expire, once this date has passed, the tokens will no longer be valid. If you leave this blank there will be no expiry date.

Collection: Select the collection you want the token to give access to.

Once you are happy with your chosen settings, click Create Token to confirm your settings and create the tokens on your site. You'll see the token appear on your Token Manager page.

Editing a Token

When you have created a token, you'll see it listed on the Token Manager page. 
If you want to edit a token, you can do so by clicking the pencil icon on the right hand side of the Token Manager page. 

tokens pencil icon

You'll see two options: Edit or Delete. Click Edit to make changes to your token, or click Delete to delete it.

Token edit delete

When editing single or multi tokens, you can update the name and expiry date. 

edit tokens

If you want to stop a token from being used, you can change the expiry date to yesterday's date. This will also move the token to the expired tokens page. Click Show expired tokens to see a list of your expired tokens.

show expired tokens

Expired tokens can be edited by following the same process above.

Sharing a Token

Once you have created a token, you can share it with your users.

Single Tokens

A single token is one link/URL that can be shared with your users. To find the token link, click the code in the Token column of your Token Manager page.

single token link

You'll see a pop up containing a link - this is the link to share with your users.

single token pop up

As the token is used, you'll start seeing the number increase in the Uses column, and if you have set a usage limit, you'll see the number in the Remaining column decrease. 

uses and remaingin

Multi Tokens

A multi token creates a list of unique links/URLs that can be shared with your users. To find the Token links, click Manage Tokens in the Token column.

multi token manage tokens

You'll then be taken to a page containing a list of the unique codes.

manage multi tokens

Click the code in the Token column to access the link/URL to send to a user. 

multi token share link

Alternatively, you can click Assign to enter an email address for the link/URL to be sent to. 

multi token assign

When you assign a token to a user, their email address will appear in the Assigned column. If the token has been assigned incorrectly, click the x to clear the email address. You'll then be able to assign a new email address. 

multi token remove assigned

When a multi token has been used, you'll see the name of the user as well as the date they used the token appear in the Multi Token page. Click the name of the user to go to their user report. 

multi token consumed

Once a multi token has been consumed, it cannot be reset. 

Tokens and Integrations

Tokens can be used with some integrations to automate the enrollment process when dealing with bulk orders.


Please contact us at to discuss your token options.