Updating the cover image of your training content

You can update the cover image of your training content from the Publish screen.

1. Go to the Publish page for the training content that you want to change. 

2. Click on the image or the Change Image button and it will pop up with a box where you can delete the current image and upload a new one. 

3. You need to click on the image and drag the cursor to crop/ select the part of the image that you want to use. Changing-cover-image

The size of the cover image space within Intuto is 200 x 112. To get the full image as a cover photo you will need to resize the image to this.  Learn how to resize images here.

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to get the image right. If you get stuck or have any difficulty, just send the image you want to be loaded, along with the site and course name to support@intuto.com.