Branding Your Site

You can customise your Intuto site by adding your own company logo and colours.

Just go to your Site 'Settings' page and click 'Branding' on the left hand side


You can customise your site’s appearance here. Upload your own company logo, edit your company name or change the colours of the site's banner, text, or buttons. 

Banner Colour will change the line along the top of the page with the Dashboard, Content, Users Reports and Cog buttons on it. 

Banner Text Colour will change the colour of the Dashboard, Content, Users Reports and Cog buttons.

Banner Text Hover Colour is the colour the buttons on your banner will change to when a user hovers over them.


  • Make sure your Banner Colour and Banner Text Colour contrast with each other or Users will not be able to see the buttons easily. 
  • Check your company logo is the correct size and height:width ratio (at least 300x144 pixels)

Email us at if you have any questions.