Animated gifs

Animated Gifs are a great way to convey ideas with basic animation without using up much space.

Follow the steps below so you can create them and add them to your Intuto courses. The tool we most commonly use for gifs is called ScreenToGif. You can download it here

Open the web page/ screen to want to record action on and open up the ScreenTo Gif recorder. A white recording box will appear something like this


Once you have rehearsed what action you want to perform then press Record, perform the action then Stop when you are finished.

This screen will show up with the recorded gif inside. You can use this page to delete frames off the gif or if you are not happy with the result, you can record a new one and override it.

Press 'Save as'.


This pop up menu will appear on the right hand side of the page. select a Save destination under File, type in a name, and click 'Save'


Enter your Intuto course and click the + on the appropriate page. Then press the image icon

Select your. gif file and it will embed itself into the course like this


Gifs embed exactly like images if created with this tool.

Please contact for help or more information.