How large should images be in my Intuto courses?

Ideally you want the image to take up as little space as possible so that your courses load quickly. Here are some guidelines on how big you can go with your images.

You really don't need your images being any wider than 1024 pixels. This is the width of an Intuto course page on a retina screen. 

You can resize your images to reduce the file sizes. if your file is more than 500kb your image is probably too large. A good rule of thumb is to save flat colour images as GIF or PNG files and multicolour or multigradient images, like photos, as JPGs.

Cover images for courses should be 200 x 112.

There are lots of tools that can resize images, one of the simplest being An easy way to resize with this is to open a picture then press 'Control+ R.' This pop up menu will appear.

Simply select what aspect you want to resize (Width or Height) and either decrease or add value accordingly. Then save your image by clicking the 'Save' icon or pressing 'Control + S'.

We can help you if you have trouble resizing the images. Email us at with your enquiry and we will help you to get started.