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What mobile platforms will Intuto work on?

Intuto has been built ‘mobile-first’ which means the design for smaller screens was done first.

Thanks to the mobile-first approach, courses and quizzes will scale and be laid out nicely in View-mode on all screen sizes from mobile phones up to desktop computers. For example:


That said, the way you present your course content will affect your users' experiences, so if your target audience uses predominantly smartphones, remember there is a limit to how much text can fit on a phone screen at one time, so try to organise your content appropriately.

Additionally, mobile devices will need to be connected to the internet to be able to use Intuto.

Note: For Admins/Editors we find that editing content or doing administrative tasks, such as viewing reports, is best done on a larger screen like a laptop or desktop computer.


Contact support@intuto.com for more assistance