What is H5P and how does it work with Intuto?

H5P is a library of interactions that can be used by course designers and trainers to create engaging exercises for their audience beyond what is available inside of Intuto. H5P is useful because the more engaging and interesting the course content, the more likely that participants will learn and retain what you want them to know. 

H5P has many different interaction types and their library is growing. Their interactions are regularly updated to keep up with changes in technology, and they are optimised for any device so they work well across mobile and desktop browsers.  There are over 42 different interaction types available (https://h5p.org/content-types-and-applications).

How H5P works with Intuto

H5P interactions are embedded directly into courses using the Intuto embed resource inside the course editor. Currently H5P interactions can't be directly created or edited inside Intuto and importantly the results of the interactions are not tracked nor reported either inside Intuto or H5P, except to track that a page has been viewed and the time spent on that page. While this is a current limitation it still makes them ideal for practice exercises and revision, just not as a tracked assessment.

What this means for you

As a business you need to decide if you want to use H5P in your courses and if so whether or not you want to create, edit and control your H5P interactions or if you prefer Intuto to do this for you.

For Intuto Service Plus customers, if we are creating and maintaining your courses we will be using our H5P account to host your interactions. If you want to downgrade to the Foundation plan all your H5P interactions will still work but you won’t be able to edit them.

If you do want to edit the H5P interactions yourself you will need an editor account under Intuto's H5P account, for which there is an extra cost per annum per editor account. You will probably only need one account unless you have multiple contributors wanting to create interactions at the same time.

Contact support@intuto.com for more information about H5P or for a demo.