What font, sizes and colours are available?

Currently we have only one font available, in only one colour. This is to ensure our courses are mobile friendly. We are looking to add more text options in the future but are trying to find what works best on all screens and devices first.
For variety within your courses we have 3 sizes of text:
  • H1 - Heading 1
  • H2 - Heading 2 - This is slightly smaller than Heading 1
  • P - Paragraph text - This is the smallest font

You will be able to select these three font sizes in the Course Editor when adding text to your course. 

H1 H2 P

You also have the option to make text you text Bold, Italic, or Underlined. You can do this using the buttons in the text editor.

When using any these buttons it is best practice to type all of your text first, then highlight the section of text you want to change and click the desired text button. This helps to keep the text formatting simple and will ensure an easy editing process for if any changes need to be made.

Contact us at support@intuto.com for help or more information.