Unpublished Changes

You may notice that after editing a course and not publishing, it will show as having unpublished changes in your Content page.

 The "unpublished changes" sentence will appear in a few scenarios on the bottom of a courses information box.


These scenarios are as follows:

1. When you go into the editor and make changes without publishing the course

2. When you go into the editor and make no changes and leave the editor

3. When you click "View" or on the course name to look at the course and you are not enrolled into the course it will show you a Preview of the course which in turn takes out a draft.


If you go back into the course in the Edit mode and Publish it then this will disspear and your changes will all be saved. 

Alternatively you can click the pencil icon on the right and click Undo Changes t get rid of the unpublished changes if they were a mistake. 




Contact support@intuto.com if you need any more help