Seeing Collections as a User

You can see all the content you have been enrolled into individually or as part of a Collection.

When you log in as a user you will be taken to the Content page where you will see the courses you have been enrolled into in alphabetical order.

If you haven't got any courses available for you to access when you login to your account please contact your site administrator or

You can change the way you see the courses in which you are enrolled. Use the All My Content drop down as seen below. This lets you change the view from all courses to just those in a particular Collection.


Switching your view to a collection will only show the courses in that collection as seen below.


Some collections are set up so you have to complete the courses in a particular order, you will have access to the first course in the collection and will be enrolled into the next course automatically when you complete your current one.

The courses you don't have access to yet will have Not Yet Accessible instead of a Start, Resume or Review button. Which means you need to work on completing a particular course before you will be given access to the next course.



Contact for further information or help.