Quiz settings

Quizzes in your courses can be customised by using the settings outlined below.

Click the pencil icon on the top of the quiz in order to Edit Settings, ReorderCopy, Undo changes or Delete the quiz entirely. Quiz-editor-arrow-pencil

Edit Settings allows for a pass mark to be set, and to limit the number of attempts.  By default, users will have unlimited amount of attempts at the quiz.


You can also update the 'Start' and 'Finish' messages to let your users know what to do and you can even add images to these messages by clicking the image icon on the right of each one.

If you set a pass mark on your quiz your Finish Message will automatically update to include a 'Pass' and 'Fail' message which you can also edit.

Note: the text box for messages are HTML sensitive so if you want to update them to have paragraphs, bold text etc. then you will need to write in HTML. Learn the basics here.


 Contact us at support@intuto.com if you need any help.