Intuto not working as expected?

After an update to Intuto some parts of the system might not load or work due to data stored from a previous visit to the site. Often this can be fixed by clearing the data cache in your browser.

Your browser will save information about a site to help it load faster on your next visit. This information is stored in a "cache." When we update Intuto, the data your browser has saved may no longer match the site, causing issues with how the site loads and works for you.

Clearing your cache removes this saved data and allows your browser to load the site from scratch. We call this a hard reload, and it is a good first step to take whenever you are experiencing issues with our site. 

How to clear the cache on:

Google Chrome:

  1. Right click anywhere on screen and select "Inspect"
  2. Right click on the refresh symbol next to the address bar
  3. Select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload"


Each version of Safari has slightly different instructions for how to clear the stored data. Follow the link below and select the version you are using in the dropdown box to see the relevant instructions.


  1. Click on the 4 lines up the top right that look like books stacked on a shelf
  2. Select "History"
  3. Then select "Clear Recent History"
  4. From the "Time range to clear:" drop down select "Everything"
  5. Select all boxes in the History section
  6. Then click "Clear Now"

Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the top right
  2. Select "History"
  3. Click the three dots on the history tab
  4. Then select "Clear browsing data"
  5. Select everything from the list apart from "Passwords"
  6. Then click "Clear"


If you are still having trouble after taking these steps, please email for more information.