User progress

Participants can see their own progress through their course(s).

There are three key pieces of information shown for a user on the content page in regards to each course: 

  1. Progress tells you how much of the material you have viewed (25% Done for the first course and 100% Done for the second).
  2. Result is only displayed for courses that have graded Checkpoints in them. The Result will be shown as Pass, Fail or In Progress (if it has not yet been completed).
  3. The date that you Last accessed the course(s) is also shown.


Note: If there is a graded checkpoint in a course, it will be possible for a participant to have a Progress of 100% but still not have completed a course if they have a Result of 'In Progress' or 'Fail'.

If the course has not been completed and is still In Progress, the orange button on the right will say Resume as they will be continuing the course where they left off.

If they have Completed the course the orange button will say Review as this will be available if they want to go back and refresh the material in their head at any stage. 

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