Campaign reminders

Campaign Reminders can be set up in when creating or editing a Campaign. These reminders have fixed (non-editable) text asking users to take the Assessment.

You can control how often Campaign Reminders will go out (every week, every 2 weeks or every 3 weeks), and how many times they will be sent (once, twice, three times, or continuous - until they take the test).

1. Go to Campaigns via the Site Settings menu and click the pencil icon on the left of the campaign.


Then click Edit when it pops up.


2. Tick the box next to the Send Reminders under Campaign Email Settings and choose How often and How many times to send reminders using the drop-down menus.


3. Make sure you click Save Changes at the bottom of the Campaign Editor (you may have to scroll down to see this button.

You can Send Test Emails to see what they look like. Click 'Send Test Emails', choose one of three languages (English, Chinese or Spanish), enter your email address, and click 'Send Test Emails'.

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