Allowing comments

In your course settings you will see an option to Allow Comments. This means your users can leave a comment on each page of your course.

To turn this setting on, tick the box next to Allow Comments before you publish your course.


Users will be able to leave comments and see comments from other users at the bottom of each page. This can be useful exercise tool as you can ask users to leave a comment describing an experience they have had, or how they think the theory could be applied in real life etc. A comment will appear with the user's name and profile photo if they have loaded one.

Screenshot 2020-11-16 163337

One thing to be aware of is the comment section is unmoderated, so a user could leave a comment containing quiz answers or type an inappropriate message that other users would be able to see. Editors and Admin can delete comments, but only the user that left the comment can edit what has been written. 


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