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Information for your IT team

Intuto is a cloud-based, web application, so there is no lengthy or costly setup. In most cases, your IT team will not need to do anything to get Intuto running smoothly on your network.

Here is some information that your IT team might find useful:

Firewalls - Intuto content is displayed as HTML, so firewalls should not be a problem. However, if your content has links to YouTube, Google or other resources and you are operating where firewalls block these sites, then the videos or documents from these sites will not display. It will pay to check with your IT team if you wish to use YouTube in your courses.

Browsers - Intuto has been designed to run on HTML5 compatible browsers. The most common problem here is with old versions of Internet Explorer. Intuto is designed for Internet Explorer 10 and above, it may work on lower versions, but these versions are not supported by Intuto.

Caching servers - Caching servers will not affect Intuto.

Plugins - Intuto requires no special plug-ins.

Hosting - Intuto is hosted in the cloud on secure, scalable servers. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime and ensure all work is backed up following international standards.

Integrations - Intuto can already integrate with goRoster, Engage and Membes but we are always interested to hear what else out customers want Intuto to connect with.

Classmarker - If you want to use Classmarker, please contact us to learn how to set up your tests within Intuto.  

API - We have an open API available. Please contact us for documentation and implementation details.
Email delivery - We use Mandrill to deliver emails from the Intuto system.  For best results we suggest users add support@intuto.com to their contacts to help avoid emails being marked as spam. IT teams can also white list Mandrill's IP addresses to help delivery rates.