How do I download a Users certificate again as an admin?

You can download any users certificate i case they request it or you need a separate copy for your own records. To do this follow these steps:


1. Go to the Users page and search for your member


2. Click on their name once found to bring up their User Report

3. Up the top right click on the "View by:" drop down and change it to "Collection"

Click on the down arrow next to the certificate you want to download.


You are also able to do this from the Collections Report. To access this go to your Reports menu from the top right corner and then select Collection Report.



Then select a collection from the top right corner drop down box



You will then see a list of all the people that are enrolled into the course. You will see a arrow next to the Completed status of people who have certificates available. 



You can search for peoples specific names, Completed statuses and certain completion dates using the filters at the top of this list to make this easier.  See here for more information about these reports in general.


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