Creating an API key

To integrate a third party application with Intuto, you must create an API Key to allow that application to access Intuto.

The API Keys can be managed through the Intuto settings.  Individual keys can be disabled or suspended at any time to remove access to the third party service.

To create an API Key, first login to your Intuto site and open your Settings page, then follow these steps.

Under API/Webhooks click 'Create API Key'


Each integration type is customised to only allow access to the data that that third party system requires. A full access key will open all available API's to a system. We recommend using the specific API type for your integration if it is available.

Select an Integration type, and optionally provide a name for the integration, and then click Create.


You have now created your first API Key. The UserId and Key provided on this page can now be used to access your Intuto site data.First-API-Key

Once an API Key has been created, you are able to rename it using the pencil icon next to the name. 

Integrations Pencil

By de-selecting 'Active' you can temporarily disable access to the third party system. This enables you to deny access without losing the UserId and Key combination. If an API Key is deleted, you will have to create a new API Key and the new details will need to be entered into the integrated system.

For further support on Web API Keys, please contact us