Campaign Settings

The Campaign feature in Intuto is used to place students into courses depending on their result in a placement test.

With the Service Plus Plan, you have access to English Placement Test Campaigns.

Your site must be Campaign-enabled in order to use Campaigns. Contact to enquire about Campaigns, or if you have any questions.

To make a Campaign, go to your 'Site Settings' through the little triangle on the top left next to the company logo.

Then click on 'Campaigns'.

Then click 'Create Campaign'. Name your Campaign, select a test and click 'Create'.

You will then be taken to the Campaign Editor pictured below.


General Settings

Below is a list of the general campaign settings you are shown when creating a Campaign. These settings can be edited after the Campaign has been created.


    The name of the Campaign you are creating. We suggest using a class code with the semester number and year to help you separate each Campaign in the reports


    A short description that will be shown to the users on their dashboard. This can be useful to describe what the Placement test is for, or add any information they may require before completing the test.


    Select the test you want the users to complete from the list of available campaigns. If the campaign you wish to use is not shown here, please get in contact with us so we can have these loaded for you.


    Use these dates to limit the time your student has to complete the test.

    For example: You are able to start the test after Feb 01 but must have it completed by Feb 07.


    Public access codes can be given out to users without having to register an account for them through Intuto. When an Access Code is generated you are given a link you can share on social media, and instructions you can add to printed material to give out to your users. Once a user has registered using the Access Code they will then be enrolled into the Campaign and will appear on your reports.


Campaign Email Settings

The Campaign Email Settings give you control over when and how often your users are notified and reminded about the Campaign.  These settings can be edited after the Campaign has been created.


    Send a notification to the user advising them of the invitation to the Campaign. This will be sent in the language assigned to the user in the bulk upload file.
    Send parent versions of the users notifications to the parent email addresses specified in the bulk upload file. These will be sent in the same language the user is assigned.
    Send agent versions of the users notifications to the agent email addresses specified in the bulk upload file. 
    Once the initial emails have been sent using the above settings, you can specify whether you would like reminders to be sent to each of the specified recipients. You are able to select how many reminders are to be sent, and how often you would like them to be sent. Reminders will not be sent to the user once they have registered and completed the placement test.
    By selecting this option, you are able to have notifications sent to a specific email address when a user completes the placement test and is given a grade. You can add multiple emails by separating them with a comma.

Enrolment Options


Each section under the enrolments header represents a grade achievement by your users. You can specify up to 5 grade sections, or as little as 1. The grade achieved by your student will fall into one of these sections, in which they will be enrolled into the courses specified here. This can be useful if you want to provide the students who receive a lower grade extra catch-up content, or if you want to reward students who gain a good grade by giving them access to further content.

Important Enrolment Notes:

  • Grade sections cannot be edited once a campaign has been created. If a mistake is made, we recommend deleting the Campaign and creating another. 
  • Every possible grade between 0 and 100 must be covered by a grade section, however you may leave grade sections empty if no enrolments are required.

You can place/enrol students into campaigns by uploading a CSV file in the specified format below, and selecting the correct options in the Bulk Upload settings

Contact if you need more information