Active/Inactive Users

You can make Users on your site Inactive to remove their access but keep their reporting data.

When a User is added to your site, they are an Active User by default. This means they can log in and view courses. 

Inactive Users do not have access to your courses, however their data will still appear in your reports and will be saved so you can re-activate their account in the future.

Note: As part of an Intuto subscription, you can have 1000 Active accounts on your site. If you need more, please contact us at to discuss options. 

Making a User Inactive

You can easily make a user inactive from the Users page. Find the user in the list and tick the box next to their name. Then click Bulk Actions and select Make # Users Inactive.

make inactive

You will then see the following popup, click Update to confirm.

confirm inactive

The user will be removed from your Active Users list, click Show Inactive to view a list of your Inactive Users.

show inactive

To make multiple users inactive at once, you can tick beside multiple names. Select these individually or search by group and use the select all tick box to then select all of the users in a group. The use Bulk Actions as above.

select multiple

Re-activating a User

From the Show Inactive list you can reactivate users by ticking the box next to their name and clicking Bulk Actions, then Make # User Active.

reactivate user

You will then see the following popup, click Update to confirm.


This will move the User to your Active User list. Click Show Active to view a list of your Active Users.


Contact us at if you have any questions about active/inactive users.