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User bulk upload settings

The bulk upload feature in Intuto can be used for multiple tasks such as creating users, updating user details, adding/removing users to groups and enrolling Users into Campaigns, Collections or Courses.

Each of these tasks can be achieved by uploading a CSV file in the format below and selecting the correct options in the bulk upload settings. 

Click here for instructions on how to do a bulk upload.

Bulk upload settings

Below is a list of the settings you are shown after validation of your bulk upload file (see User Bulk Upload File).  Please be sure to double check the settings you have chosen are correct, as this task cannot be undone once complete.


  • Enrol Existing Users

    If a user in your file already exists in Intuto, you can still use the bulk upload feature to enrol them into one or multiple courses/collections at once. By selecting this option, any existing users in your file will still be enrolled using the enrolment section (see enrolments below).

  • Updating Existing User Profiles

    If a user email in your file already exists, you can choose to overwrite their other details with the data from the file, or skip updating the user. You will need to tick this to update existing users into Groups.

  • Updating Existing User Passwords
     If a user email in your file already exists, you can choose to overwrite their password by ticking this box, or leave it alone (unticked).

  • Generate New Password
    With this setting enabled, Intuto will create a unique password for the user and email this out to them. If disabled, you will be required to enter a default password for all your users.
  • Force Password Reset
    With this setting enabled, each user whose password is updated will be required to choose a password when they next log in.
  • Send Notification Email
    If 'Generate New Passwords' is ticked (default setting), a notification email will be sent to users with their login details and a link to your Intuto site.
    If you untick 'Generate New Passwords' you will have the option to disable notification emails. This can be used in a situation where you want to give out access to people individually or in a workshop situation.


Using the bulk upload tool, you are able to bulk enrol users into one or many courses, course collections or campaigns at once. Simply click the 'Manage Enrolments' button above the enrolment box and select the content you want to enrol your users into.


This screen will come up:


Use the drop-down Register Into menu to choose between course / collection / campaign, then click on the Available content item(s) and click 'Add>' to select.

Remove items from your selection by clicking on them and clicking '<Del', or clear all items from your selection by clicking 'Clear'. When you are happy with your selection, click 'Submit'. Please note that all the Users in your file will be enrolled into the content you select here.


Using the Bulk Upload tool, you are able to bulk enrol Users into one or many Groups at once. Just use the 'Add Groups' drop-down menu next to select Groups to add, or click the 'x' on selected Groups to remove them. Please note that all the Users in your file will be added to the Groups you select here.



Bulk Upload Confirmation:

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to the results. Processing time will be longer for larger files.



Contact us at support@intuto.com for help or more information.