Why do I see a storage meter when I publish?

The data storage meter is there to give you an idea of how much data you are using inside Intuto.

The data storage meter appears on the course publish page.


Each plan inside Intuto has an amount of storage allocated to it by default.  This meter tracks  how much data is being used against the current space allocated. 

The storage meter is a guide for both you and Intuto.  The allocated space should be plenty for most companies, so if you are getting close to the limit or end up being over the limit for your current plan, please contact Intuto and we will work with you to find a solution - usually we can reduce the size of your content to free up space or add extra space. 

In some instances you may need to upgrade your plan to get extra space and support.  Normally this is only if there are a large number of courses, as per our pricing policy

Feel free to contact us at  support@intuto.com for help or more information.