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User bulk upload files

The Bulk Upload feature in Intuto can be used for multiple tasks such as creating Users, updating User details, adding/removing Users to Groups and enrolling Users into Campaigns/Collections or Courses. Each of these tasks can be achieved by uploading a CSV file in the specified format below and selecting the correct options in the Bulk Upload settings. Read on below to learn about each of these tasks.

  • You will need at least 3 columns with the titles ' firstname ', ' lastname ' and ' emailaddress '. You can also have optional columns ' phonenumber ', ' uniqueid ', 'country', 'a ddgroup ' and/or ' removegroup '. These last two columns will add or remove users from a specified User Groups.
  • You can list as many people as you like. Once you have everyone listed, you need to save the document as a CSV file. Then drag the file into the drag and drop zone on the Intuto site. 

Valid Upload File Example

Here is an example of a simple valid upload file: (Column headers on the first line of the file are only highlighted in bold in this example to distinguish it from the rest of the of the data/user details)

James, Peach, james.peach@example.com, 1002548, New Zealand, Nelson   
Mandy, Davis, mandy.davis@example.com, 1002687, New Zealand, Tauranga,

Download a sample file - sample1.csv

Upload File Fields

Below is a list of required and optional fields you can include in your bulk upload file. You will also be able to see below the requirements for the data contained in each column.



    Validity checks are only performed on the ' emailaddress' column



    Each field is a free text field meaning uniqueids can contain both letters and numbers. Note: Group names are case sensitive meaning they need to match the spelling set up inside intuto.


    NOTE: If you do not have the campaign feature enabled on your site, this section can be ignored


    • 'languagecode' - Should be entered in the IETF language format. You can see a list of our supported language codes here
    • 'agentemailaddress' - A single or multiple set of email addresses. Agents will be notified VIA email on enrolment and completion of the Campaign
    • 'parentemailaddress' - A single or multiple set of email addresses. Parents will be notified VIA email on enrolment and completion of the Campaign

    NOTE: The 'agentemailaddress' and 'parentemailaddress' columns should contain valid email addresses separated by either a semicolon (;) or a comma (,).




Contact us at support@intuto.com for help or more information.