Finding images for your courses

We've all heard the saying "A picture is worth 1,000 words". So let's look into how we can bring your content more to life and cut down on wordy documents.

When you are pulling together a course, we recommend trying to make it as visual as you can. It is getting harder and harder to maintain your users focus so pictures help immensely to convey your topic. 

Where possible we do recommend using your own pictures or your staff, members, volunteers, equipment, workplaces etc. This resonates with your learners and they feel more connected to the training.

Although we understand it can be hard to get out and get the pictures that you desire so we have put together a list below for you of places you can source images from for your content.

Firstly, you have your generic stock image sites. The ones we have found below are free to use as long as you provide credit where necessary to the owner of the photo.

Sometimes you will find that you would like to include an icon in your training to reference a practical exercise, area in your business, to draw attention to a note etc. Here are some good sites for finding icons to use:

Where possible you can make your content more interesting with something to draw your users in more, GIFs can be a great way to get a laugh and make the content more light-hearted and are also great for a step by step process where users don't need to click anything.

Find/make a gif:

There are many more website out there that you can use and access and we would love to hear about them if you find one that you think could help us with your content or others please share it with us.

Contact if you have any questions.